Dunworth Construction

For over two and a half decades, Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. has been crafting dreams into reality in the exclusive enclave of Palm Beach Island, FL. As a premier custom home building company, we take pride in our legacy of creating exceptional residences that stand as a testament to luxury, quality, and timeless design. Established in 1996, Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. is more than just a construction company; we are a family-owned business with a deep-rooted commitment to excellence.

At Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc., we specialize in turning dreams into reality. Whether you envision a sprawling oceanfront estate or a cozy retreat tucked away in the lush landscapes of Palm Beach Island, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail, from architectural brilliance to the finest finishes. Being a family-owned company, we understand the significance of home. We treat our clients like an extension of our family, ensuring a personalized experience that goes beyond construction. Our relationships are built on trust, transparency, and a shared passion for creating homes that reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of each client.

In addition to our expertise in custom home building, Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. extends its services to Estate Management. We go beyond construction, offering comprehensive solutions to preserve and enhance the value of your investment. From property maintenance to strategic enhancements, our Estate Management services ensure that your home remains a timeless masterpiece.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Father and son, Roy F. Dunworth and Royce Dunworth, collaborate seamlessly to uphold the reputation of Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. Their joint efforts ensure that the company not only carries its name with pride but also continues to excel in delivering exceptional Construction & Estate Management Services.

Custom Residential Homes

Roy F. Dunworth | President

Roy F. Dunworth's journey into the construction and development field started at a young age. This early exposure ignited Roy's passion for the industry, prompting him to found Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. around 26 years ago. Mr. Dunworth has steered the company to become a highly reputable force in the Palm Beach Construction Market.

Estate Management Division

Royce Dunworth | Estate Manager

Royce Dunworth, son of Roy F. Dunworth, leads the Estate Management Division at Dunworth Construction & Development, Inc. Leveraging a family legacy in the industry, Royce brings dynamic leadership to oversee estate management. With a commitment to excellence, he ensures high standards in maintaining and enhancing properties within the division.